Let’s talk about public code

#3 - Sergei Maertens and Tjerk Vaags, OpenZaak

February 2, 2021

In the third episode we talk to Sergei Maertens from Maykin Media and Tjerk Vaags from Contezza. We discuss how they handled a security issue in OpenZaak. The developers describe how the process for handling Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures worked in this collaborative codebase.

OpenZaak is an open source API for municipalities who want to deliver citizen-friendly services online. Read more at: https://openzaak.org

Two references to GitHub were made in the discussion:

This collaboration was started through a market consultation. You can read about the process in this blog post, and you can find the complete documentation in the GitHub repository. OpenZaak is currently in incubation with the Foundation for Public Code.

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